Pre-participation Form (including doctor's physical exam) must be completed and handed in to coaches prior to participation in any meet!

Full Packet All Forms
Information Packet for the 2015 season - This includes all forms (including concussion information, pre-and support team flier, pre-participation (consent) form and pre-participation physical exam form.

Concussion Info
Concussion Information Handout (part of packet above) - Please read this handout as it details important information regarding concussions.
The Pre-Participation Form above has a spot for signing that you received this information. You do NOT need to sign and return the concussion information form.
Video we showed on Concussions at Track Orientation Meeting along with another very good informational video on concussions.

More information
UHSAA Concussion Management Plan - Follow this link to see UHSAA's concussion Management Plan and Policy regarding concussions.
2014 Sweat Order Form
See coach Wood for this form.

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